I learned in college that branding is an extensive process that necessitates careful research, conceptualization, and exploration. Then, out in the real world, I found that sometimes your client will just crowdsource a bunch of names and hope the one they like isn't trademarked!

Regardless of how a brand name may be decided, it is always important to iterate — both conceptually and visually. Here is a look at some of my logo iterations.

Production: Paper, pencils, and Illustrator

Ignite logo branding and process snapshot

Ignite: Designed for Publicis Groupe's internal IT services portal.

Connext logo branding and process snapshot

Connext: An alternate name and concept for what turned into Ignite.

Clearway logo branding and process snapshot

Clearway: A logo for a telecommunications company that specializes in B2B mobile plans and devices.

mPower logo branding and process snapshot

mPower: An unused name and logo iteration that was considered prior to landing on "Clearway."