Web & App Production

I work primarily as a production designer, so I'm not typically the one concepting the beautiful new homepage redesigns. But when an Art Director's messy creative files need to be prepped for development, and it's time to build a bunch of boring, content-heavy pages, I'm there to dial-in all the nitty gritty details.

Production: Photoshop, Invision, InDesign

AT&T Digital Life App

AT&T's vision for a fully-connected smart home required a versatile cross-platform app and website. As part of a larger team, I was responsible for building and cleaning up a portion of the 100+ mobile screens. I also helped adjust the global UI assets, create the style guide, and provide redline markups for tablet and mobile development.

AT&T Digital Life app mobile screens

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Whirlpool HR Portal

An internal site for Whirlpool Corporation. I was brought on to the project to clean up initial layouts, consolidate colors and styles, and build out a multitude of page templates. I continued to assist the tech team through development by providing asset exports, redlines, and visual QA.

Whirlpool portal site desktop screens Whirlpool portal site mobile screens
Redline Examples
Whirlpool portal site navigation desktop redlines Whirlpool portal site navigation mobile redlines

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Parker Hannifan Site

Parker is a massive global manufacturing corporation, and they were in need of a responsive site framework that could be used across their 60+ divisions in 50 countries. I worked on a small team building out new page templates and modules for their redesigned site.

Parker desktop, tablet, and mobile responsive site screens

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